Reliable wooden pallets and fast delivery throughout Europe

Capability to order, store or receive the order within 10 working days

What do we do

High-quality wooden containers and pallets with an individual delivery plan for you

We specialize in standardized and customized wooden pallets and packaging of the highest quality, at competitive prices with fast delivery anywhere in Europe.

We also offer:

  • Warehousing on demand service.
  • Delivery within 10 w. d. throughout Europe
  • Keeping your stock in our warehouses.


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In line with scientific progress and innovation

In order to achieve the highest product quality and precision, we have integrated many technological innovations into the production processes. State-of-the-art production equipment allows us to ensure production efficiency and speed, regardless of the order quantity. Experienced specialists and software helps to optimize costs by improving product design, safety and reliability.


EPAL and pallets of standard dimensions according to your business needs

Or products with individual measurements specially adapted for you

The product specification you provide (size, weight, capacity or other individual characteristic) and our experienced specialists will help you create the most effective solutions for the safe travel of your products around the world.

Trusted partner

From idea to realization - working with us is easy

We know that there is a direct relation between time and money. Therefore, we have arranged our processes in such a way that they work as efficiently as possible - from the initial consultation to the delivery of the final product in the shortest possible time.


We listen to your needs

What specifications of products do you need? What is the desired quantity? Where and when should they be delivered? And other questions relevant to you.


We adapt our experience and capabilities

Our experienced team of specialists is ready to advise and help you to find the fastest solution and create an exclusive offer.


We guarantee quality and on-time delivery

Delivery of a product specially designed for you at the agreed time and place or the possibility of storing the products for you until you demand them.

Trusted partner

European businesses trust Taurameda

Today, only 20-25% of our total production remains in Lithuania, and the rest is exported to all of Western Europe. Our company has dozens of partners in Europe, and our biggest customers and most loyal partners are in Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and Austria.